Friday 4 March 2011

A Wired Nation

A wired nation

This is quite typical for Ho Chi Minh City. Frenetic traffic and scary wiring (sometimes with loose ends dangling onto the sidewalk).

And it has its foibles. We can attest to the value of a generator, after four power cuts today... Correction, make that five.

I will be shopping for a UPS, because even a good generator leaves a few seconds of no power. Laptops are fine. External drives and routers, not so much.


  1. Well that's obviously up to code. Another good pic though. Was the blurring of the traffic below deliberate through slow shutter speed slection or serendipity? :-) knowing you it was probably all figured out

  2. Thanks Mike, and yeah, it was planned. Kind of. Just a little trial and error before I got the right shutter speed.