Monday 14 March 2011

Don't Wait...

for a better opportunity. In photography, I mean. (No life lessons on this blog.) Take it when you can. If you get a better opportunity later, you can always chuck the first shot. If not, at least you got it.

Chicken in Bamboo Street

For example, the above shot is of a random chicken on the street in Hanoi. It now serves as a meagre surrogate for the rooster that used to sit on the street corner opposite the Intercontinental Hotel in HCMC. The story would have been so much better...


  1. Digital really changed the game in terms of being able to experiemnt with lots and lots of shots.
    I love that about it becasue I'm an experimenter.
    I remember shooting 20 rolls of 36 frames in one day in Greece. Expensive!!

    Only downside can be allowing profligacy to bypass judgement completely. Clearly not a problem you have.

    Cool Rooster

  2. Thanks Mike! I too can remember film. 6x 36 for four weeks in Switzerland. If I remember well, some 20% of my entire holiday budget:-)