Monday 23 May 2011

Hoi An

From a recent trip to Hoi An (which we loved):

In the lap of luxury

Maybe the great hotel had something to do with it.

But the town itself was very nice too. It somehow survives the deluge of tourists and the multitude of souvenir shops and keeps some character. And the food was amazing (the Cao Lau here is a must).

Highly recommended.

(I think the above shot works because of the low position - inches above the water. That way the pool runs all the way to the horizon.)

Monday 9 May 2011

Lost in Translation II


Fancier places in Vietnam (like pretty much anywhere I have been) will play piped music. And like elsewhere, the music is sourced from a small number of services. So you'll hear the same music in several places.

In the past week I heard the same play list in two different places, played by electronic piano and synthesizer orchestra. These are a few typical songs, in no particular order: Yesterday, Woman in Love, Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Bridge over Troubled Water, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.

Yes, this post is written in May.

Wednesday 4 May 2011

Lost in Translation

Maitre d' in an expensive resort: "Will you be having diner with us tonight?"
My wife: "Yes, could we make a reservation for 7 on the terrace?"
M: "Yes. There is also space inside."
W: "We'd like to dine on the terrace."
M: "Or we could set a table at the fireplace."
W: "No, we'd like to eat outside."
M: "We can also arrange a private room for you."
W: "No, thank you, we prefer eating outside."
M: "Where would you like to eat?"

The attentive reader may be able to guess the response.

Another one, another night, same place:
Me, walking in around dinner time: "Could I see a menu please?"
Waiter: "Excuse me, what is your room number?"

Or this one:
My wife: "Is there a special menu tonight?"
Waiter: "Excuse me, what is your room number?"
Me: "1301"
Waiter: "let me check." [Disappears and returns a little later] "No, tonight is only à la carte."
My wife: "Ah, so no menu tonight".
Waiter: "No, only à la carte. Or you can order a set menu."