Saturday 15 January 2011

Electronics Shopping

Went shopping for some electronics last week. Not quite the same as stepping into Curry's or Best Buy.
Elegant shopper

At the entrance you will be greeted by some multimedia system proving there is an 11 on the volume knob. For example, I bought a mobile phone at Wonderbuy, where I had to shout over a well attended screening of King Kong.

The phone then turned out to come with a case of Heineken, a tombola ticket, and a scratch ticket. No luck, only a sponge was added to the beer. I didn't take the offered opportunities to share the case with the locals on the way home. Another missed opportunity to integrate...

At Nguyen Kim it was a battle scene of Pearl Harbour making any communication other than with hand and feet impossible. At least it drowned out all the big screen TVs also blaring at 100% volume.

Paying and picking up the goods is also an interesting event, involving multiple tickets and receipts, and usually three different counters (select, pay, and pick-up). Luckily I've always found someone speaking decent English.

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